Benefits of carnitine

If you have a normal diet, you are likely to get adequate amounts of carnitine, yet there are times when taking a carnitine supplement could be helpful. Several studies show carnitine, when given as a daily supplement, improves recovery after heavy exercise. In other words, people experience less fatigue. Carnitine also mproves the exercise capacity of people with peripheral arterial disease. Peripheral artery disease is a condition where the arteries that carry blood to the legs get clogged up and cause pain with walking after a short distance.

And that's not all. Carnitine fights fatigue in other medical conditions. Cancer patients receiving chemotherapy feel less tired when supplemented with carnitine. There's even talk that carnitine may be helpful in weight control and maintaining healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels. In one trial, when carnitine was given to healthy elderly subjects, the results showed a reduction in total fat mass, an increase in total muscle mass, and a lowering of serum lipids.

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