Dermal Fillers: From Wrinkle Filler to Facial Sculptor

Dermal Fillers: From Wrinkle Filler to Facial Sculptor

CRM® - Covalent Reticulated Copolymer

The German company behind Matridur® and Matridex® have now launched a new range of non-animal hyaluronic acid based fillers under the brand name CRM®, which relates to their Covalent Reticulated Copolymer Matrix technology. This has now been available in the UK since March 2008.
CRM® technology uses a cross-linking agent called Butanedioldiglycidylether (BDDE), one of the least toxic of the cross-linking agents, which it is claimed increases the resistance of the gel to degradation. The manufacturers also note that CRM® Technology produces a gel of a greater purity which virtually eliminates immune reactions, making it safer for patients and it is retained longer in the tissue for a longer-lasting result.
The range consists of crm-DEX, used for treating deep wrinkles and folds such as glabellar (frown), nasolabial (nose-to-mouth) and marionette (mouth-to-chin) lines, as well as lip augmentation, crm-DX, targeted at volume replacement for tissue augmentation of the cheek or facial contours, crm-GEL, for medium to deep wrinkles and folds plus lip augmentation, crm-DUR, designed to treat superficial lines and wrinkles such as those around the eyes and mouth and crm-SOFT aimed at biorejuvenation using a mesotherapy technique.
As well as the hyaluronic acid base, both crm-DEX and crm-DX designed for volume replacement, deep folds and facial contouring also contain dextranomeres (dextran molecules) at 25 and 50 mgs respectively. These are positively charged microspheres that aim to stimulate the tissue to produce new collagen and help the regeneration of the tissue in the area treated.

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