SurgiWire Wrinkle Wipes by DARVYSSurgiWire Wrinkle Wipes by DARVYS

Now, experience the power to take away wrinkles, lines, scars like no other treatment can!

SurgiWire wipes away deep lines and scars in seconds for a more youthful and lasting natural appearance that turns back the hands of time...


SurgiWire Incisionless Dissector quickly releases deep lines and scars in by separating connections to underlying tissues. Now physicians can treat patients that were not candidates for fillers alone by addressing the underlying problem first with a SurgiWire Release.

Physicians use SurgiWire as a stand-alone treatment or with autologous fat or synthetic fillers in multiple locations

  • Nasolabial folds
  • Acne scars on the cheek
  • Upper and lower radial lip lines
  • Forehead frontalis and glabellar regions

Physicians use SurgiWire as an adjunct to other minimally invasive surgical treatments
  • Dissect tissue prior to neck or jowl lift
  • Create large subcutaneous tissue planes for abdominal or thigh lift
  • Release breast contracture scars

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